Check out our quick reference Infographics below!  These make great quick references when studying for the Patent Bar Exam as well as a great future reference once you pass and become a patent practitioner.

35 U.S.C. §112

112 Paragraph 2 Compliance

Anticipation Laws

Appeal Process

Bilski Process Claims

Correction of Inventorship

Correction of Patents

Domestic National vs PCT National

Filing Requirements

Graham Factors for Obviousness

KSR Guidelines

Non-Provisional Filing Requirements

Patent Types

Patentable Subject Matter

PCT Info

Period for Reply

Printed Publications as Prior Art

Protesting Rejections on Prior Art

Protesting Rejections on Prior Art

Provisional Filing Requirements


SME Instructions

Status of Applications

Supplemental Amendments to Replies

Support a 103 Rejection

Suspension of Action

The Essentials of Patent Law

Transitional Phrases

Types of Applications

Types of Double Patenting

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