Free Study Kit – Sign Up (Biggest Challenge)

What is your #1 single BIGGEST CHALLENGE for studying or passing the patent bar right now?

Please be as specific and detailed as possible.  (Please go beyond I haven’t started studying yet or I can’t pass.  The more specific and detailed you are the better I can address your needs/problems : )

i.e. I’ve got a broad understanding of patent law already, but the specifics of prior art under 35 U.S.C. § 102(e) confuse me.  I’ve tried to review other products such as [name the product] but I can’t seem to pass come test day.  Also the questions asked on the bar exam are so tricky that I can’t seem to understand how to analyze them the best way on the exam.

i.e. I don’t know anything about patent law and I am currently reviewing different products on the market.  [Name the product] seems to be good and very reputable but I don’t think I can afford the time and/or money to complete the course.  Right now I’m torn between purchasing your product or the product offered by [name the other company].  If you guys would be able to help me [specific area of concern (study efficiently, memorize more material, learn how to search the manual, better analyze the questions)] I think my chances of passing the exam would be greatly improved.

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