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1.0 – Exam Overview

Patent Bar Exam Overview


Test Type

The Patent Bar exam is a 100 question multiple chose exam.  The exam is mainly administered via computer as various testing facilities through out the US, but there is a once a year paper exam offered by the USPTO in Washington D.C.  The cost to take the paper exam is higher than that of the computer based exam, but contains the same questions as the computer based exam.  The computer based exam is administered by Prometric and can be taken at various dates through out the year.

Test Atmosphere

The computer based exam must be taken at a Prometric testing facility.  The rules for the exam period are strict with no outside materials allowed.  The testing facility provides papers and pencils with four sheets of paper being offered for the AM and PM sessions.  All of the papers used for scratch paper during the exam will need to be returned before leaving the exam.  The AM and PM portions also each last for 3 hours with a 1 hour lunch break in-between.

Questions and Type

The exam consists of 100 multiple choice questions with an AM and PM portion.  Each of the AM and PM portions consist of 50 questions totaling to 100 questions.  However, 10 questions per exam are beta questions (new questions the USPTO is testing) and will not be included in your final score.  As such, the total amount of scored questions is 90.  The required pass rate is 70% which equates to 63 questions required to be correct to obtain a passing grade.  The questions are multiple choice are cover a wide variety of topics.

Registration to take the exam and cost

In order to take the exam you need to apply for admittance with the USPTO.  Follow this link to obtain the forms required to submit to the USPTO to take the registration exam: USPTO Exam Registration Link.  Once you submit the required forms, you should get an Eligibility ID which is used to register for the examination on the prometric website.